Thermaltake Riing Quad 12 RGB Fan Review

Neon Maker and RGB Lights

I will be honest and just let you know that there is a learning curve to the Neon Maker software. I had to restart so many time. But practice makes perfect. And after a while I really started to understand all the nuances of the software. It is definitely like learning a playbook from scratch. There is just do much you can do it will take time to figure it all out. When you do it is all smooth sailing from then on. On another note the TT RGB Plus software and Neon Maker can be enemies at times. I noticed on more than one occasion I would loose lighting patterns if I went back and forth between programs. The only way to break the mess up was to restart the computer. Not a huge deal now days when a computer can reboot in 16 seconds. Thank you M.2 SSD’s! This was the only hiccup I ever encountered using the software suites in tandem.



You can use TT RGB Plus to customize the lights and fan speed! I use this more for the fan speed control, but some of the light modes are awesome.


Now Lets move on the conclusion of the review!


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