DJI Mavic Air Hands-on Review

Verdict and Conclusion

A lot of people have been asking me … why would I want to buy the Mavic Air when I can just buy the Mavic Pro. While others have voice their concerns, and wondered why DJI would want to cannibalize its own consumer drone business, with many different drones (of similar function and features).

From my understanding, DJI is targeting specific niches within the consumer drone market. The DJI Mavic Pro was a massive hit among video enthusiasts with its native 4K video recording and huge range (distance and height), while the more compact DJI Spark was marketed as a “selfie” drone and aimed more at the beginner.

The DJI Mavic Air however, is aimed at users like me … who wants the best of both worlds. Compact size, light-weight, 4K recording, 3-axis gimal and a longer flight time. If this drone was came out before the Mavic Pro, I would have bought without having 2 thoughts … no questions asked. But now, we have 3 consumer drones to choose from … So it all boils down to … what do you need the drone for? 



Now let’s wrap up our review and quickly talk about the DJI Mavic Air. Overall, the video quality is great. It’s what I expected from its high-quality 3-axis gimbal camera and 4K recording. 1080p footage is also very good. No complaints here.

Active Track works flawlessly and follows me wherever I go, while the Smartcapture allows me to control the drone with my hand gestures just like with the DJI Spark.

I love the return home function on the remote control. I don’t have to worry about its distance or position. I can just hit this button and the drone will automatically fly itself back. Excellent.

If you’re thinking of getting the DJI Mavic Air … I recommend you get the Fly More Combo. You’ll definitely need spare batteries and the remote control. You can buy the DJI Mavic Air (Fly More Combo $999) from Amazon –



  • Compact and light-weight
  • Super easy to control
  • 4K recording
  • 3-axis gimbal
  • Smartcapture (hand gesture)
  • 21 minutes flight time
  • Same coverage (range and distance) as Mavic Pro


  • Pricey


Final words

If you’re after an ultraportable and foldable drone that’s feature-packed, light-weight and compact, then look no further. The Mavic Air offer a ton of features that simply, aren’t found on any other drone of this size! And just to name a few … how about 4k recording, 3-axis gimbal, 21 minutes flight time, Smartcapture and more.




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