Crucial 64GB DDR5-4800 Memory Kit Review



Crucial one more time proved it offers high-quality RAM at a reasonable price. This is the main advantage of the tested 64GB DDR5-4800 memory kit. At the price of around $359, we can buy 64GB of fast RAM for the latest Intel platform (and soon also AMD). It is about as much or even less than the price of DDR4. What’s more, Crucial RAM is verified on pretty much every popular motherboard brand on the market, so we can be sure it will work.

We could ask for higher performance, but we have to remember that the competition doesn’t really have many faster options and it’s limited by available IC. The performance that we get is still high and should satisfy most, if not all, users. Especially professionals will be happy with high capacity, high performance, and fully stable work.

Depending on the country of purchase, the warranty is either limited-lifetime or 10 years (Germany). Crucial is well-known for its support, which is pretty much the best if we look at memory and storage products.



  • Great performance to price ratio
  • High compatibility
  • High-quality
  • Inexpensive (considering it’s DDR5)
  • Low voltage and heat


  • The frequency could be higher


Final words:

We recommend the Crucial 64GB DDR5-4800 memory kit, especially to all those who need a lot of RAM for daily challenges like content creators, professionals and graphics designers. Also, gamers should be happy with its performance and affordable price. It’s hard to find anything better at this capacity and performance.

The Crucial 64GB DDR5-4800 memory kit is recommended by FunkyKit, especially for its great value so it receives two awards!



You can buy the Crucial 64GB DDR5-4800 memory kit for around $325 from Amazon US –


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