Kingston HyperX Predator 8GB DDR3-2800 CL12 Memory Review



Kingston HyperX Predator 8GB 2800 CL12 memory has two XMP profiles. Kingston programmed DDR3-2666 11-13-13-32 and 2800 12-14-14-35 profiles. Both of these profiles are specified to run at 1.65V. For some reason our diagnostic software detects it slightly different but our testing motherboard ( Gigabyte Z87X-OC ) is setting everything nearly correct. As we see on the below screenshots, tRAS and Command Rate are being set tighter but on our testing platform it doesn’t affect stability and the Kingston memory passed every stability test flawlessly.


hyperx2800 spdaida

The AIDA64 software is showing us the most important timings and memory voltage while Mem Tweak It ( below ) is showing a more detailed timing list.


hyperx2800 spdMTI


For all CPU-Z fans here is also screenshot from SPD/XMP window if this really popular application. The same as in AIDA64, the XMP profiles are not looking like they really should. More importantly, is that all of the profiles are working without issues keeping full stability.


hyperx2800 spdCPUZ



Closer Look

The Kingston HyperX came to us, not surprisingly, in standard plastic box just like any other HyperX memory. This is classic packaging but is effective in protecting the memory well.

On the package we can see a short description with basic memory info and the product number. There is also information about the warranty which is lifetime.

hyperx 2800 pht1edInside we find two HyperX memory modules protected by Predator series heatsinks.

hyperx 2800 pht2ed

The Metallic blue paint slightly changes its color, depending depending on the angle in which the light hits it; so on some photos you may even see it turning into grey. In daylight it is clearly blue.

hyperx 2800 pht3ed

Under the heatsinks we find the Hynix ICs ( Integrated Circuit ). We can expect to see MFR series as in most other higher clocked memory kits on the market. The main difference in this case is how the manufacturer selected the memory chips and programmed the XMP profiles for optimal performance.

hyperx 2800 pht6ed


The memory looks pretty good and solid. The tall heatsinks might be unnecessary; but since it is memory dedicated for power users and overclockers, then they can be handy.

We will find out how these large heatsinks will help with overclocking on the next page of this review.

hyperx 2800 pht8ed


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