CM Storm Devastator Gaming Gear Combo Review

A Closer Look

The answer is in the detail and the details are fantastic for a keyboard and mouse at this price. The LED backlight looks awesome on both the mouse and keyboard. The keyboard has all the standard keys and media shortcuts along with volume control buttons. The mouse has the DPI button and the 2 side buttons. The design feels good, looks good and although being very basic; the Devastator gets the job done in style. The mouse, for being plastic, has a nice feel and weight. The keyboard also has a nice weight and feels very durable. The backlight on the Devastator is very uniform. Each key lights up equally and the backlight under the keys are absolutely gorgeous. When the lights are off I can see a white trasparent base. I can not physically see any lights when removing the keys. The design used, to light the keyboard up, is top notch. The mouse has lights on the front in the shape of 3 “V” shaped lines that reminds me of the turbo boosts placed on race tracks in old racing games. The scroll wheel is lit up as well as the the palm of the mouse. The palm area has a small graphical line design.


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Let us move on to the Performance and Ergonomics of the Devastator!



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