Cougar 500k Gaming Keyboard Review

Today I will be reviewing the COUGAR 500K Gaming Keyboard. The Cougar 500k is a Membrane keyboard with N-Key Rollover or NKRO, which is one of the few, of its kind. The 500k is set up just like the 700k, the big brother, but the 700K is a mechanical keyboard and the cost is twice as much as the 500K. The price tag for a mechanical keyboard is still relatively high compared to most membrane models. Cougar has earned respect from the gaming community in both categories. I will be covering the performance and aesthetics in greater detail later in this review. Let us see if the Cougar 500k model has the bang for your buck.

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The COUGAR 500K is nothing less than a full revolution in the gaming keyboard market. A fully featured gaming keyboard, loaded with  all the functionality you are ever going to need for both enthusiast and pro level gaming. All this with the COUGAR design that has already changed the way gaming peripherals are seen. A Full-NKRO Membrane Keyboard that shatters forever the limits of what this class of  keyboards was thought capable of. The 500K is the first membrane keyboard ever to be able to compete  face to face, in any kind of environment, with high end mechanical keyboards several times its price. Its Full NKRO, reliability, ultra-fast reaction speed and professional level functionality are totally state-of-the-art technology that will take you to the apex of the gaming food chain.


I would like to thank COUGAR for providing this review sample! Let us see what they have to say about themselves on their website:


“COUGAR was started in Germany in 2007 by a group of computer peripherals  engineers who wanted to design with passion. We established a  professional team, adhered to the design philosophy of technology centered on human use and esthetic perfection. These combinations lead  to products that met the global demand for high-end professional gamers.  COUGAR’s field testing of the chassis and power supplies constantly  went beyond normal development to bring about a diversified line of  gaming computer peripherals products and continues to this day. This  enthusiasm and innovative spirit is a continuing source of vitality for  COUGAR.  

We firmly believe that to give gamers the highest quality and ultimately, beautiful products, a company needs to be in the forefront of technology. To that end, COUGAR has a group of world-class engineers and an innovative R&D team that works with enthusiasm,  and who have a deep understanding of market and technological  development trends. COUGAR also works with cutting-edge technology  partners to develop and design extraordinary products with strict quality control in order to meet the global demand for high-end  professional gamers.


COUGAR keeps up with the changing speed of innovation by remaining at the forefront of technological development with partners throughout the world including North America, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom, China, Russia,  Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other places. And COUGAR aims to be the top  eSports gaming brand in the world.”

Brand philosophy Passion X Innovation    

“With utmost passion COUGAR is keen to provide most innovative solutions that 100% meet customer needs. Thinking differently and adopting new trends while constantly focusing on functionality and user-oriented product improvements, that is our foremost corporate culture. COUGAR is always striving to satisfy demanding gamers with innovative and technological leadership.”

Now let us see what this gaming keyboard is all about!


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