COUGAR Minos X3 Gaming Mouse Review


The packaging for the Minos X3 is pretty much your standard box for a mouse such as this.  It highlights some of the features on the back and the right side of the box, and technical specs are on the left.  The mouse was secure in the box and when shook, there was no noise to indicate that anything was loose inside the box.  


  • One Black Minos X3 gaming mouse
  • User manual


Now let’s take a closer look at the mouse itself!


A Closer Look

As I had said before, I was looking forward to see the differences between the Minos X3 and the Revenger that I reviewed earlier this year.  One of the biggest difference is that there is no software requirement at all for the Minos X3, that means it’s ready to go right after you plug it into your computer.  This is very nice if you’re looking for a mouse that you can use right out of the box with no need to install other software (not that I’m slamming the UIX system from COUGAR, on the contrary I quite like it) .  

Once I got the mouse plugged in and windows recognized it, it was pretty much smooth sailing from there.  Initially I thought that the button behind the scroll wheel was for DPI settings as well, turns out I was wrong!  That button is for changing the light coloring or effect, to which there are 8 different colors and 2 different breathing light effects that you can click through. 

The DPI and polling rate are however, are located on the bottom of the mouse, and there is a switch for them on either side of the optics for the mouse.  The DPI can be set to 800/400/1600/3200 respectively, why though they have the 800 above the 400 is beyond me. The polling can be set to 125/250/500/1000 respectively.  Both of these switches are easy to change, and there is a definite click that you can hear and feel when you switch it.  There is no delay, other than putting down the mouse, to see the difference in the performance of the mouse, but the fact that you have to pick up the mouse to flip a switch to change your DPI is a slight drawback.  The overall performance on the mouse on any setting was amazing, my personal preference is the 1600 DPI and the 1000 polling!

Minos X3

Let’s move along to the conclusion and verdict.


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