COUGAR Minos X3 Gaming Mouse Review

Conclusion and Verdict


This mouse is an overall great gaming mouse, and if you don’t have the need for a lot of customization, this mouse is for you.  This mouse is very responsive and feels very natural in your hand, and the fact that it’s ready for action the second you plug it in makes this a big plus!  For gamers on the go, this is the mouse you’ve been looking for, with no need to load any peripheral software and onboard DPI and polling settings, all the controls are right in your hand!  Personally I thought the Minos X3 performed quite well and very close to the Revenger, overall though this reviewer will stick with the Revenger, but the Minos X3 is right behind it in a photo finish second place!

The COUGAR Minos X3 can be found soon at Amazon and other various e-tailers for $29.99 USD.


  • Easy to use, just plug and play!
  • Long Cord
  • Very responsive and comfortable
  • Easy to switch DPI and Polling


  • DPI and Polling switches are on the bottom of the mouse, so you have to pick it up and flip to side to switch (not a big con, but if you’re in a rush to change, that could cost you a match)


Final thoughts:

This is an excellent mouse if you’re looking for something you can just take out of the box and play!  I’d have to say that if you’re a gamer on the go, this is the mouse you want to go with you!  The overall performance was great and aside from the switches on the bottom of the mouse, I honestly can’t think of anything else that would not make this mouse a great addition to any system.  If you’re wanting a new gaming mouse without breaking the bank, then you just found you’re new gaming partner!  I would highly recommend this mouse to any and all of my gamer friends!  I hope you found this all helpful and thanks for reading, and as always have a Funky Day!




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