GAMDIAS Hermes E1 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

Closer Looks

The sturdy design of the Hermes E1 keyboard and the rubber grips on the bottom mean that this keyboard isn’t going anywhere unless you pick it up!  The red backlight makes the keys stand out perfectly even in a pitch black room, witch is great for those late night game sessions.  The keyboard has all the standard keys with a function key for alternate button functions that with the assistance of GAMDIAS’ HERA software would unlock the potential of all those keys (at the time this review was written the HERA software did not recognize both keyboard and mouse due to the fact that both had not been officially release at that time).



The Demeter E2 mouse has an alternating color pattern that lights up the scroll wheel, top and left and right sides of the mouse and, just like the keyboard, it is stands out very well in a dark room.  The DPI button switches seamlessly to different modes with no hesitation what so ever, and the two side button are placed very well so that there is no awkward positioning of the thumb to reach them.  The mouse has a nice curve to it and it has the GAMDIAS logo at the bottom back.  The mouse itself had a very nice feel to it, though it felt a slight bit lighter than what I’m used to.



I have used and evaluated the Hermes E1 gaming combo for over 15+ hours so far.  The keyboard uses a mechanical switch, which coming from using mainly scissor and dome switch keyboards for the past decade, caught me slightly off guard with how loud the clicks were but I’ve since gotten used to it.  It performed quite well and was very responsive to even the most rigorous of tests that I could put it through.  The angle and position of everything on the keyboard was spot on and was a great experience with everything I’ve done with it so far.  The curve of the mouse is accommodating and the click response time was excellent.  The optical sensor performed very well on both the excellent gaming mouse pad that came along with the combo, but it also tracked very well on the top of my desk which is just a lacquered black finish.  The only drawback for the mouse is that it doesn’t display the DPI setting on the mouse like I’ve seen on various other mice.  For basic functions without the specialization of the HERA software this combo performed remarkably well.  I look forward to playing around with the software for this combo once its officially released in November of this year!


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