Genius Scorpion K20 Gaming Keyboard Review

A Closer Look

The keyboard was lightweight but felt fairly sturdy in my hands.  The feet on the back of the keyboard flipped out easily and lock nicely into place and it doesn’t seem likely that they’d flip back in unless you wanted them to.  Once I plugged it in, windows quickly recognized the keyboard and the back-lights came on shortly thereafter.



The back-lights were actually quite pleasant to look at but not overly distracting.  I did like and appreciate the two light bars at the front of the keyboard, especially on some late night gaming sessions where all the lights I had came from the monitor and they keyboard.  Lighting control is managed by pressing and holding the FN key then pressing the ESC key to control brightness or to just shut off the lighting all together.  One of the things that was a pleasant change for me, was that the keystrokes were very quiet, after having a lot of mechanical switch keyboards lately, it was a welcomed change of pace.  The keys were still very responsive to even the lightest of touches.  All of the multimedia keys on the top row of the keyboard worked just like a charm.  The adjustable repeat rate worked like a charm, though I couldn’t tell much of a difference between the first and second rate, but holy cow the third seems like it wants to take flight itself!

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