Genius Scorpion K20 Gaming Keyboard Review

Conclusion and Verdict

I was very pleased with the performance of this keyboard.  It was nice to have a keyboard that was just a simple plug and play, no need to install any extra software or drivers, just plug it in and away you go!  Between this and the mouse I reviewed earlier, I’m very much looking forward to the other gaming products that Genius will come out with in the future!

The Genius Scorpion K20 can be found at Amazon and other various e-tailers for $25.99 USD.  Buy the Genius Scorpion K20 Gaming Keyboard from Amazon –


  • Easy Plug and Play
  • Quite keystrokes
  • Colorful back-lighting
  • Very inexpensive for the quality you get


  • If you’re looking for customization then this isn’t the keyboard you’re looking for


Final thoughts:

This is a very user friendly keyboard that doesn’t take any extra setup to use.  Great lighting, quiet and responsive keystrokes make this an excellent addition to any gamers arsenal.  If you’re looking for a great keyboard that will definitely not hurt your wallet at all, then this is the keyboard you’ve been looking for!  With no need for extra setup or software, this keyboard is a minimalists dream come true.  I hope you found this all helpful and thanks for reading, and as always, have a Funky Day!



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