ROCCAT Skeltr Gaming Keyboard Review


The box itself has a nice outer sleeve that completely surrounds the inner box that contains the keyboard.  The pictures on the front do a very nice job showcasing the docking slot and some of the color options available on this keyboard.  The back has a great picture showing how devices can rest in the docking slot, and where some of the bluetooth buttons are and their functionality.  Features are also listed on the back clearly in multiple languages and tech, contents and system requirements are listed on the bottom right.



Inside the inner box they keyboard itself was held snugly inside a static proof bag, and right above that the cords for the keyboard and the micro usb charge cord and aux cable were in their own isolated cardboard section.  Beneath the keyboard was the quick instillation, disposal guide and sticker pad, then another layer to unfold underneath that contained the wrist rest that had a convenient cable setup guide and a quick how to for device pairing on it.

Now let’s take a closer look at the keyboard itself!


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