ROCCAT Skeltr Gaming Keyboard Review

A Closer Look

I have to say that the sleek design of this keyboard is very impressive to look at, and getting the keyboard to work was pretty much as simple as plugging it in.  I already had SWARM installed on my system so after I went through the brief setup process, we were good to go with customization!  The docking slot doesn’t just pop out at you, and if you don’t know what it may be you’d probably overlook it.  One good point of convenience is that there is a USB port directly underneath the docking port right next to the main cord for the keyboard, so that makes running a cable to your device very convenient and it makes sure it stays out of the way when you are charging your device.  


I figured I’d give it a try and put my iPhone 6s in it, now since I also work in construction I have an OtterBox on my phone to keep it intact, it didn’t fit with my phone in the case unless I tilted it down (which who wants there phone to angle down!?)  so I took it out of the case just for the sake of trying, it fit perfectly then and faced up towards me.  The device pairing with the keyboard was just as easy as the quick guide on the wrist rest, so I decided to text a friend using the keyboard!  It worked just fine but I did notice that keyboard functions on the phone were then disabled unless I pressed the paring button again on the keyboard.

 The headphone and microphone jacks are great especially if you don’t have them on the front of your case or your case isn’t easily accessible for plugging and unplugging headphones.  The call and toggle audio buttons worked just like they said they would on the box, so no complaints there!  All of the function keys are well placed and work just fine, though the M1-M5 keys on the left side of the keyboard are really close to other keys I would press and sometimes when I wanted to press the control key I found myself hitting the M5 key instead, which at the time had no negative effects, but I could see that being detrimental if you had to crouch in a match to dodge fire and instead you hit the wrong button and take a shot to the head instead of ducking behind cover just in time!  

The key that is normally the CAPS lock key is now the Shift+ key and the caps lock is one of the thumb buttons underneath the spacebar, now I dealt with that just fine, but when my wife tried to type up something using this keyboard, she was not very pleased that the caps lock button wasn’t working like it normally should.  I know you can reassign it to be like normal if you like it that way, but I’m just putting it out  there that it would be distressing to a non gamer.


Next up the SWARM overview


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