ROCCAT Skeltr Gaming Keyboard Review

SWARM Overview

Customization using the SWARM software is a breeze as always though!  Once the keyboard is recognized by SWARM, you have three tabs to choose from settings, key assignment and key illumination.  On the settings tab you have the choice having sound feed back for every keystroke, which could be fun if you’re playing alone or with headphones, but I could see some of it getting on a spouse or roommates nerves fairly quick.  You can adjust the LED feedback and decide whether or not you want the bluetooth to auto connect whenever a previously paired device is nearby or not.  Down at the bottom right of the settings tab there is a link to a youtube video that gives a brief tutorial about how the Skeltr works with your devices and unboxing.


The key assignment tab is fairly straight forward, with two options for viewing keys, either a keyboard view or a list view.  In keyboard view, reassigning functions are as simple as clicking on the desired button and choosing what primary function and what easy-shift+ function you want.  List view is pretty much just as easy but you have to scroll down a list (who would have thought that!) and finding the key you want but at least the function keys, thumbster and M keys are in their own lists at the top since those are likely the ones you would be changing the most.

Key illumination is just as straight forward, you have preset modes and custom modes to choose from and the keys and housing areas can be set to any color you want!

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