ROCCAT Skeltr Gaming Keyboard Review

Conclusion and Verdict

For serious gamers who need to have their device right in front of them to either chat it up with fellow guild members or look up walk-throughs for the upcoming raid/boss fight, this is the keyboard your looking for!  With the incredibly user friendly SWARM software, this keyboard has almost limitless potential and if you pair this up with the NYTH gaming mouse from ROCCAT then woe be unto your opponents!


The ROCCAT Skeltr can be found at ROCCAT and other various e-tailers for $159.99 USD.



  • Docking slot holds & charges phones and tablets right where you can see them
  • quick switch between PC and device typing
  • Easy customization with the SWARM software
  • Detachable wrist rest for what your gaming style may be.


  • Some of the default keys are not standard
  • The M keys are close and can be confused for other keys if you aren’t looking.
  • Docking slot won’t hold phones in bigger cases.




Final thoughts:

With its customization features and docking slot to keep your device close this is a serious gamers keyboard with SWARM covering your back!  The lighting features are amazing and with the easy shift + capabilities there is practically no limit to what you could have this keyboard do!  The price tag may scare some away, but if you’re serious about what options you can have at your fingertips than the price tag will be no issue.  I hope you found this all helpful and thanks for reading and as always have a Funky Day!


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