ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 7 Motherboard Review


No real issues with installation, however the lever for removing the graphics card is located close to the full coverage heatsink, and can be very tight to access. In other words … you might need nimble hands for this.

The same goes for accessing the M.2 slots. You definitely have to remove your graphics card first. This is not a complaint … but rather, some good advice and knowledge so that you’ll know what to expect.



The BIOS is the usual UEFI one from ASRock, and it’s easy to use and configure. Of course you can switch between EZ mode or Advanced mode for adjusting CPU and memory settings.

The BIOS is slightly different to the one found on the Z390 Phantom Gaming 9. It seems they’ve have removed or renamed some of the CPU overclocking options. Other then that, all the other options seem to be the same.



Realtek Gaming 2.5GB/s LAN

We didn’t have any “super expensive” gaming routers in our labs that can support 2.5G/5G/10G LAN connectivity. So unfortunately, we were unable to test the onboard Realtek Gaming 2.5GB/s LAN controller fully. We will revisit once we do have a nice gaming router.


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