SuperMicro C7Z370-CG-IW ITX Motherboard Review

Conclusion and Verdict

Like my friend says, “if it’s black, then is faster”. SuperO C7Z370-CG-IW is fast and is well designed. There are single things which I would change but in general there is nothing to complain about. Gamers should be satisfied as out of the box everything runs great. Less advanced users can have some problems with manual overclocking and for them I recommend overclocking profiles which let to set CPU frequency at least up to 4.8GHz. It’s more than enough for gaming.

The C7Z370-CG-IW is really small but well equipped. Not many motherboards this size have two M.2 sockets which support the fastest NVMe SSD. We can also find WiFi and Bluetooth and other useful devices so you won’t need to spend money on them.

Everything is where it supposed to be … maybe except CMOS jumper. Usually I’m not so picky but really it could be in a different place.

I couldn’t find the C7Z370-CG-IW in some online stores like Amazon but Newegg has this motherboard available for about $187. I guess it’s not bad price as it’s close to what other mini ITX Z370 motherboards cost while not all other motherboards offer as much as SuperO.



  • High potential in small package – wide functionality and useful features
  • High performance
  • RGB LEDs
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • High memory compatibility
  • One click overclocking profiles work great – up to 4.8GHz
  • Dual M.2 socket



  • Complicated overclocking – manual and above 4.8GHz


Final words:

SuperO C7Z370-CG-IW is really interesting option if you are looking for a small gaming motherboard. It has everything you may need for gaming and not only. On this little motherboard we will find many useful devices and nothing what would be only empty advertisement. As manufacturer says, the C7Z370-CG-IW is gaming motherboard which offers server stability and it really acts like that.

SuperO C7Z370-CG-IW is clearly worth our recommendation as fully stable and fast base for your gaming PC!




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