Review of the iPad Pro by Will Smith

The iPad Pro is 2016’s hottest new accessory, taking the best features from Apple’s previous models and putting a new spin on the perennially popular mobile tablet. With a wider screen, more RAM and a powerful GPU, the iPad Pro packs an almighty punch. But how does it stand up compared to the Cupertino-based company’s previous efforts? Read this review of the iPad Pro to find out!

ipad pro



The first thing you’ll notice about the new iPad Pro is the size of the screen, which has a 12.9-inch display, almost the size of a small laptop. The result? You’ll be able to play games with more clarity, communicate with friends and family in greater detail and watch videos in more depth. If you prefer your table to be a little smaller, you might want to opt for something like the iPad Mini instead; the Pro is definitely bigger, although if you’re used to carrying a laptop around, you probably won’t notice that much of a difference. Once you’ve turned the Pro on for the first time, you’ll notice the interface, which doesn’t deviate from Apple’s classic iOS home screen. You’ll find all the apps in front of you, with messages, email, the Pad’s stock browser (Safari) and the music app in the dock at the bottom of the screen.


Design and interface

Reviewers of the product have noticed that the size of the screen does affect the weight of the tablet. The Pro is heavier than the Air 2 but not significantly so. What about design? Well, you’ll still find Apple’s sleek contemporary design and the front-facing camera at the top of the tablet. So far, pretty much similar to the Air 2. However, the Pro does have a number of differences. Firstly, it will come with Apple’s iOS 9, packed full of new features that will make browsing, video calling and games better than ever. Then there’s the battery life, which is more powerful than the Air 2 (38.5 Wh vs 27.3 respectively). The tablet is available in three colours and has Apple’s iconic logo on the back. Choose from silver, gold or space gray. If you are thinking of purchasing an Ipad Pro then there are loads of different payments methods available, for example you can purchase it on credit by making use of ipad finance options from companies like Argos and Littlewoods.


Processor and speed

The tablet has a powerful processor, which makes this a product that gamers will enjoy, especially with the bigger screen. The Pro could also be a must-have accessory for creative types, who will be able to take down notes, make annotations and create graphs and maps on a screen with more greater clarity than ever before. When it comes to memory, the Pro is available in two different editions; the standard 32 GB and a much larger 128 GB, which is perfect for people who want to store plenty of documents, musics and games on their device.



If you’re looking for a tablet with a bigger screen, the iPad Pro might be for you. It comes jam packed with features, is equipped with iOS 9 and has a front-facing camera for quick and easy snaps. Then there’s the battery life – which is considerably more powerful than the Air 2. The tablet’s processor is also super-speedy, making this a great product for gamers.


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