Montech Century Mini 750W Gold PSU Review

We recently reviewed the Montech PC chassis, which made a really good impression on us. Montech is less known but clearly an interesting brand. So, this time we will review their 750W Gold 80+ PSU. The power supply is in SFX format, which gives us a choice to install it in a small but also standard ATX cases. It also promises high efficiency and quiet operation. How good is it? … We will show you in this review.

As usual, we will start with specifications and features while later I tell you about the efficiency of the Montech Century Mini 750W PSU.

Let’s begin this review with the key features.

Vision and Target

Montech’s goal has always been to provide consumers with the best quality, cooling at the most reasonable price. Now stepping into the international stage, Montech is still in pursuit of the very same goal to deliver competitive products at competitive pricing.

Spirit and Concept

Taken from the word Monarch, which means those that rule or reigns, Montech aims to make consumers feel like they are the ruler of their system. Montech’s logo is composed of a maze within a pyramid. The spirit of Montech’s logo is to climb up the pyramid with no straight paths or set boundaries, to break molds and make the best products on the market.


MONTECH has already accumulated a good reputation and gained loyal customers in the PC industry.
We will consistently develop gaming products that come with innovative designs, high quality, and favorable prices.
In the future, we aim to expand MONTECH globally with the exceptional products we develop.



Small Size, Big Power


Palm size, Gigantic Power

CENTURY MINI employs high-density compact design, allowing users to easily grasp the power supply with the palm of the hand. Meanwhile, maintaining the high quality standard of the CENTURY series to provide the most powerful SFX form factor in the market.


CENTURY MINI delivers power at up to 90% efficiency, lowing energy consumption and reducing noise, which benefits both your PC and Power Bill.

Safe and Secure

CENTURY MINI employs high quality components and 100% Japanese Capacitors, providing sustained power and long-term reliability.

High Performance, Low Noise

Apart from other SFX power supplies use 80mm standard fan, CENTURY MINI upgrades to 92mm high quality fan, providing quiet operation and improving performance at heavy loads.

Full Modular Cabling

Fully modular cable system offers premium, flexible cables that fit right into your high-end build. The modular cables make routing easier and reduce clutters when building your PC.

Compatible with Any Case Form Factor

CENTURY MINI Includes an SFX-to-ATX power bracket for easy installation into any case form factor, ranging from mini ITX build to full tower E-ATX build.

Reliable 7 Year Warranty

The extensive 7 year warranty not only makes users feel secure, it also displays Montech’s confidence in the product.


We can’t find the Century Mini 750W listed anywhere yet. However, Gamma II 750W PSU is available on Amazon for around $109 –


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