COUGAR IMMERSA Gaming Headset Review

Conclusion and Verdict

What we have here, is a fantastic gaming headset with awesome sound and a great mic to boot.  Not only will you be immersed (that’s still a good one COUGAR) in amazing sound but you’ll barely remember that you’re wearing a headset (aside from some sweaty ears but that’s probably just me!).




Pricewise, the COUGAR IMMERSA gaming headset will cost you around USD $45-50. At this price, I don’t see any reason why not to get one! It’s perfect for gamers and it’s amazingly affordable. Shop around Amazon for a good bargain.



  • Great Sound Quality
  • Mic does great at filtering out background noise
  • Rests comfortably on the head for long periods of time
  • No need for any software to get full use


  • None to speak of


Final Thoughts:

Here readers, is an excellent headset for either music enthusiasts or gamers with a need to hear everything without the world hearing what’s going on around you. . Not only do I recommend this headset, I HIGHLY recommend them! Thanks and have a Funky Day!




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