iClever Lightweight Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Conclusion and Verdict

With great sound quality for both music and calls, this is a great headset for anyone on the go for either a run or if you just need to sit somewhere and get lost in your music to recharge.  With it’s price-tag of $19.99, this is a great buy especially for the sound quality that you get.

The iClever Lightweight Bluetooth Running Headphones can be found at Amazon and other various e-tailers for $19.99 USD.



  • Super lightweight, aside from the slight pressure in your ears, you hardly know they are there
  • Really affordable
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Noise Cancellation is great
  • Great Microphone


  • Earbuds are hard to change out
  • Noise Cancellation is almost too good, so it might get you into trouble if you don’t stay aware of your surroundings


Final thoughts:

Once again, iClever delivers amazing sound and microphone for a very reasonable price.  With this headset, you can run, bike or lift to your own awesome soundtrack (with no one judging you on your guilty pleasures in music), or you can unwind without hearing the world around you.  Whichever you choose, these headphones will do the job and then some!  I hope this was helpful and thanks for reading, and as always have a Funky Day!




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