SteelSeries Siberia 200 Gaming Headset Review

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Premium Comfort. Whether you game for a half hour here or there, or you play for hours on end; we want you to be comfortable. The Siberia lineup’s unique and incredibly comfortable design is one of the reasons it has become a go-to choice for pro gamers around the world. The 200 continues the trend of exceptional comfort, with a lighter weight and softer feel than previous models. Classic Suspension System. Siberia 200 offers a relaxed fit thanks to our iconic suspension design from the Siberia line.


The headband is self-adjusting so getting just the right fit is effortless. The critically-acclaimed design is super lightweight making it a perfect match for those long gaming sessions. So much so, that you might even forget you are wearing it. Improved Ear Cups. The new ear cups on the Siberia 200are filled with noise-reducing memory foam. Memory foam conforms to your ears and head for a better fit than typical foam padding. A better fit leads to improved comfort during those long gaming sessions. Another bonus of the memory foam is that the improved seal around your ears gives you better noise isolation for an overall improved audio experience. Retractable Microphone. Siberia 200 features our classic retractable microphone which has been engineered to deliver crystal-clear audio. It is unidirectional so it will pick up more of your voice and less background noise. The microphone also features a new, slimmer design. Pull it out when you need it for gaming, streaming or just talking with friends and family. Hide it when you’re on the go.


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Now let us see how the SteelSeries Siberia 200 Gaming Headset performs!


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