Kingston UV400 480GB SATAIII SSD Review

SSD drives are becoming more popular because of lower prices and higher durability so many users, even those with lower budget are thinking to replace their slow HDD. For those users Kingston designed UV400 so the latest SSD series which is not meant to break any world records but will for sure boost daily experience on a typical computer.


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Not many users realize that storage performance affects most applications more than processor or other components. Most new computers, even these from lower series are fast enough to handle popular applications but not all offer fast access to data as still the most popular are configurations with standard HDD.

This review presents Kingston UV400 480GB SSD which should convince you that it’s time to move to the SSD and make your life easier.





Breathe new life into your system.

UV400 is powered by a four-channel Marvell controller for incredible speeds and higher performance compared to a mechanical hard drive. It dramatically improves the responsiveness of your existing system and is 10 times faster than a 7200RPM hard drive.

Rugged and more reliable and durable than a hard drive, UV400 is built using Flash memory so it’s shock- and vibration-resistant and less likely to fail than a mechanical hard drive. Its ruggedness makes it ideal for notebooks and other mobile computing devices. For easy installation, UV400 is available in a bundle kit that includes everything needed to get the SSD installed into your existing system, including a USB enclosure to transfer data, a 2″–3.5″ adapter to mount in a desktop environment, a SATA data cable and a coupon for an Acronis data migration software download.


UV400 is available in multiple capacities, from 120GB to 960GB, giving you plenty of space for all your files, applications, videos, photos and other important documents. It’s the ideal hard drive replacement and can also replace a smaller SSD in your system to give you all the room you need

Now let’s take a look at the specifications of the Kingston UV400 480GB SATAIII SSD in our next page.


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