Asus ROG Strix Gaming GeForce RTX 2060 (6GB GDDR6) Graphics Card Review

The Box and Packaging


A Closer Look

The size of this card is one of the largest I’ve seen for a GeForce RTX 2060. It also has RGB lighting effects that’s compatible with Asus’s Aura Sync, and features 3 silent Wind Blade fans,

The card takes power from 1 x 8-pin PCIE and 1 x 6-pin PCIE cable, which means it’s pretty power hungry when you’re overclocking it. 

Thanks to Asus’s MaxContact, the large heatsink is pretty evident here, and should be able to handle your overclocked GPU. 

For connectivity, you have 2 x Displayport and 2 x HDMI port which is more than enough for most users. Sadly the RTX 2060 do not support SLI so there’s no NVLink connector.



No issues with installation. Just make sure you have a decent power supply that has both 6-pin and 8-pin PCIE power. And of course a large enough case to fix this beast of a card.


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