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HIS Radeon R7 250X and 260X iCooler Graphics Cards Review

HIS is constantly releasing new fast and silent graphics cards. Some time ago we presented the Radeon R7 240 and R7 250 graphics cards. Since then a couple of new graphics processors were released. One of them is the already popular R7 260X and the other one is the R7 250X that many readers probably did not know about.

HIS introduced both GPUs the R7 250X and 260X in a new and improved, iCooler edition. In our review we will take a closer look at these cards and show what you can expect when deciding between one of these inexpensive video cards.


HIS 260x pht8ed

“HIS – Hightech Information System Limited is an internationally acclaimed graphics cards company. Time and time again, HIS were compared and tested by hundreds of worldly renowned critics. The results are phenomena, HIS have proven to offer far superior, cooler, quieter, and faster graphic cards than any other leading rivals. Up to the second quarter of 2013, HIS has won over 1500 awards with AMD graphic solution from major media worldwide. HIS is being recognized by providing performance leading and award-wining products: IceQ, IceQ X and Turbo Edition.”

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“HIS was established in 1987 with the mission to produce the highest quality PC products in the industry. Headquartered in Hong Kong, and with sales offices and distribution networks in Europe, Middle East, North and South America, Asia Pacific Regions; our worldwide customers benefits from efficient and localized services. 


HIS 250X pht6ed

HIS’s manufacturing facility in China is managed by a team of professionals with expertise in quality control and production planning. Working with world-class clients, HIS has been consistently meeting high quality standards and fulfilled volume order in short lead-time.”

“HIS is proud to be AMD’s Authorized 1st Tier AIB Partner, Certified Partner and Launching Partner. Long term and favorable relationship with AMD, enable HIS to work closely with AMD to promote the HIS AMD Graphics Board; and to strive for best value on the marketing and sales of HIS AMD Product Line.”

“In Sept 2003, HIS incorporated the state-of-the art Supreme Cooling Technology in the award winning HIS 9800Pro IceQ, which caught the attention of worldwide media. Since then, HIS IceQ series and the latest IceQ X series has been the limelight in the market for its outstanding performance and features over the other rivals.”


Today’s review will be based on an Intel X79 platform equipped with the i7 4930K CPU, the same platform as with our earlier HIS R7 240 and 250 graphics cards. Let us move onto the next page to check the specifications and features of HIS R7 250X and 260X graphics adapters.



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