HIS Radeon RX 5700 XT IceQX2 Graphics Card Review

Specifications and Features




Looking at the specifications table, we can see that the HIS RX5700 XT runs at a much higher frequency than the reference RX5700 XT. There are some other features not listed in the table, but we will cover that soon.

Of course, performance at a higher frequency is also higher, but there is no detailed specification of the pixel and texture fill-rate or compute performance at these higher frequencies. We will check that in our tests on the next pages of this review.


Package and its Contents

The packaging is a standard size box that is well described and clearly says what we can find inside. One thing worth to mention is the already well-known lion logo, which we could see on previous high-end gaming series graphics cards from HIS.

Inside the box, we won’t find much, but the same is offering competitive brands. There is a user’s manual and a card that tells us that we should download the latest drivers from the AMD website. Someone could say that the manufacturer is “cheap” when it is not adding a driver’s CD but let’s be honest, no one is using drivers delivered by graphics card manufacturers, not to mention that once the card is purchased then included drivers are already old and need update anyway. As I already said, the same are doing all graphics card manufacturers nowadays, so it’s nothing strange.

Below you can see how well are protected both sides of the card, so the user receives a product without any scratches, dust, or fingerprints.

Maybe enough about the box contents, and let’s take a look at the card itself.


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