Sapphire HD7850 OC (2GB GDDR5) Review



As with most other Sapphire graphics cards, we can use TriXX software to achieve higher clocks. Overclocking process is really easy and all we have to do is to move slider to the right to set higher core and memory clocks or higher core voltage.



Overclocking results – 3DMark Vantage

Without any voltage adjustment we were able to set 1075MHz GPU clock and 1525MHz memory clock ( effective 6100MHz ). That’s pretty good result considering it’s already overclocked version of HD7850.


7850 oc1st


Raising GPU voltage up to 1.25V we were able to set higher core clock what in this case is 300MHz higher than stock values so in total we’ve reached 1220MHz. TriXX is not supporting memory voltage adjustment so we left it at 1525MHz.


7850 oc2up


Overclocking results are really good and I think that all who decide on overclocking won’t be disappointed. Performance after overclocking is about as high as HD7870 graphics cards.



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