Computex 2023: Cooler Master HQ Visit

We were invited to visit the Cooler Master HQ located in the Neihu district of Taipei. It’s a brand new office with around 8 floors, and and includes a basement restaurant called Cooler Bar which is open to the public.

The building itself looks extremely modern and reminds me of a heatsink with lots of cooling fins 😀

There are several floors dedicated for streamers, creators and Youtubers to produce their content! Cooler Master is really upping their game in this field and I applaud them for making this happen!


During our office tour, we got the previlige to speak to Jimmy Sha, CEO of Cooler Master. Jimmy talks about his early days at Cooler Master, and what drives him to fulfill his passion and vision for the company. He has dedicated several floors within the new office to support creators of the future. This new space will allow creators to realise their dream and passion … the only limit is their imagination.


Also, while we were at Computex, we spoke to Cedric Pineau, Business Development Manager at Cooler Master. Cedric shares his passion, vision and what to expect from Cooler Master in the near future. We also discuss PC modding, eSports and why the community is so important to Cooler Master.



Sneaker-X and Shark-X

These really cool looking systems are probably the most talked-about PCs during entire Computex 2023 event. We managed to get up close and personal.



I just couldn’t help myself and had to try the Orb-X. It’s a completely immersive system for work, entertainment, and gaming.



We saw the Dyn-X in action. It’s perfect for casual gamers to car racing experts, giving you a dynamic and immersive experience.



Are you a creator, video editor, or streamer? Then the Cooler Master MasterHus is your perfect solution for all your creative needs. I need one!


Cooler Master X Street Fighter

If you’re a Street Fighter fan … then you’ll love the collaboration between Cooler Master and Capom. Look at all those Street Fighter themed gaming accessories!


Gaming Accessories

Cooler Master also showcased their latest accessories, speakers, gaming mice, headsets and keyboards, as well as a complete set of Minini accessories (in collaboration with LINE).


Cooling and Power Supplies

DIY watercooling is a niche but growing market. We saw a new line of watercooling components on display, including G1/4 fittings, waterblocks, distroplates and reservoirs.

Don’t forget the power supplies too. There were plenty of PSUs (both ATX and SFX) all supporting the new ATX 3.0 and PCIE 5.0 standards.


Cooler Master X Framework

For those who don’t know about Framework, they are a company that produces upgradeable, modular and reconfigurable laptops. Cooler Master have teamed up with Framework to produce a pretty nice Framework Mainboard Case. Interesting.


Computex 2023 Coverage


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