Cougar Creator’s Studio – Royal 150 Desk, Forte Mic Arm and DUO35 Monitor Arm

We’ve just moved in to our new studio and thanks to Cougar, who was kind enough to sponsor us, we’re now able to setup our entire studio with a nice desk, mic arm and a dual monitor arm.

Let’s start off with the Cougar Royal 150 desk which features 2-stage legs wich provides excellent stability, and a dual-motor system with advanced anti-collision detection.

There’s also a Superior Memory Keypad with a 3-digit display, and 4 settings so you can set your height accordingly.

It also comes with some nice features including … a cable Grommet and a under-desk Cable Trays for easy cable management.

There are also 2 built-in Power Socket on the desk top, and a 5 socket Power Strip under neath the desk.

And you can literally assemble the whole desk in minutes​.

I would like to thank COUGAR for providing this review sample! Let us see what they have to say about themselves on their website:


Real Gear for Real Gamers. This simple phrase synthesises our soul. From our origins in 2008 as a gaming-oriented PC Power Supply, Case and Cooling producer, COUGAR’s mission has always been to deliver gaming peripherals and PC components that answer the requirement of those people who think gaming is much more than a way of killing time. To us, and to those who think like us, modern gaming is both an art and a competitive sport, an important part of human life that allows you to develop and display skills ordinary life just isn’t prepared for. Games are the door to worlds in which both the most advanced capabilities of the human brain and the most primal instincts and reactions meet to bring you new experiences, and to access them you need to be properly equipped.

“COUGAR gaming gear exists for a reason: to allow you to properly make use of your innate and learned abilities without being limited by hardware bottlenecks. Our mice’s accurate tracking will make your reflexes count; our keyboards’ response will make sure hardware latency doesn’t prevent you from achieving a victory you deserve; our customization software will reward your planning and organizing mind, while our headsets will make sure your ears receive the right input and our power supply units will make sure your gaming rig gets all the fuel it needs. Everything has been designed to remove all limits to your skill: our creed is that in gaming the only restrictions should be those of your mind and body, not those of your gear.”

Currently, the range of gaming products we create includes gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, cases, power supply units, cooling, and related accessories. A complete range of first-quality products for the serious gamer. Are you ready to join us?


Cougar Royal 150 – Electric Standing Desk

Cougar Electric Standing Desk chooses outstanding lifting columns, control box and keypad with exceptional quality construction. With cable management attached to preserve you the tidy desk. We integrate all your needs into this desk.

Superior Memory Keypad

3-digit display and 4 settings of memory functionality. One-touch function from sit to stand to let you easily set your preferred heights.

Premium and Ergonomics Desktop

Design with smooth and ergonomics desktop edge. MDF board offers superior density and strength surface.

Powerful Dual-motor Lifting System

Top choice dual-motor lifting system engineered for smooth and quick height adjustment. Robust steel frames construction keeps stability and supports up to 100kg lifting capacity.

  • Stability
  • Anti-collision detection
  • 2-stage legs
  • Dual-motor
  • Speed: 1.57″/sec.
  • Low noise ≤ 50db

Advanced Anti-collision Sensitivity ​

When the sensor detects any collision while raising or lowering the desk, it will halt and reverse direction of movement. It prevents material damage or user injury and prolongs your product lifetime.

Assembly in Minutes​

Only take 5 Steps to assemble your desk.


For more info check out Cougar’s website … go here.


Cable Management


Cougar Forte Universal Mic Arm

The Most Compatible Microphone Arm


COUGAR FORTE is the most considerate microphone arm for any application. There is no need for a low profile/height arm as long as the extended parts are ideally included.


  • Extended Height and Depth for Optimal Mounting
  • Omnidirectional Position Adjustment and Ergonomic Knobs
  • Long and Sturdy Aluminum Body
  • Covers for Hiding Clutter Cable
  • 3/8” & 5/8” Universal Screw Mount
  • Two-way Installation: Clip or Hole
  • Supported Max. Microphone Weight: 950g
  • Supported Max. Desk Thickness: 60mm

For more information on the Cougar Forte microphone arm go here.


Cougar DUO35 Dual Monitor Arm

Heavy-Duty Dual Monitor Arm


DUO35 dual-monitor arm is designed for multi-task users and players to use under any circumstances. With metal support and diverse mechanisms, it is not just an extended monitor arm but a piece of comfortable furniture for your long-lasting session.


  • Dual-monitor Arm for Diverse Scenarios
  • Supported Two 35-inch Monitors
  • Supported Max. Weight: 20KG
  • Durable Gas Spring Lifting Axis
  • Full Sturdy Aluminum Alloy Crane for Extreme Reliability
  • Two USB Type-A 3.0 Extension Hubs
  • Covers for Hiding Clutter Cable
  • Two-way Installation: Clip or Hole
  • Supported Max. Desk Thickness: 84mm
  • Universal VESA Plates

For more information on the Cougar DUO35 dual monitor arm go here.


The Finished Item


Verdict and Conclusion

For my new studio setup, I didn’t really want to get a so-called “gaming desk” which are usually black. Being a creator, I wanted to able to fully utilise the desk to its maximum potential … and the Royal 150 White from Cougar gives me just that.

I’m now able to use the desk for a variety of purposes including live streaming, creating unboxing videos podcasts, and more. Not that a black “gaming desk” can’t do all of the above, but the white desktop of the Royal 150 allows for more light during video recording, and this makes all the difference.

And of course, if I’m using 2 monitors and a microphone, then the Cougar Forte (mic arm) and Cougar DUO35 (dual monitor arm), are perfect for any Cougar computer desk.

As far as build quality is concerned, I’m more than happy with its solid construction and good stability. This desk weighs a ton!

Aesthetically for me, the Cougar Royal 150 White looks great. It might remind you of a boring office desk, but believe me, it’s got some great features such as the Superior Memory Keypad with a 3-digit display, and 4 settings so you can set your height accordingly.

It also comes with some nice features including … a cable Grommet and a under-desk Cable Trays for easy cable management.

There are also 2 built-in Power Socket on the desk top, and a 5 socket Power Strip underneath the desk. It’s more than enough to power all those PC accessories and peripherals you may have.

Oh one more thing, I would like to give a BIG thank you to Cougar for sponsoring the entire setup for our new studio. You’ve really helped to bring out the “creator” in me! Thank you!



You can buy the Cougar Royal 150 – Electric Standing Desk for around USD $669-999 from Amazon –

Buy the Cougar Forte universal mic arm for around USD $59 from Amazon –

Price on the Cougar DUO35 dual monitor arm coming soon.


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