Computex 2024: Day 4 – Asus

Computex wouldn’t be Computex without visiting the Asus booth. And at this year’s Computex 2024, we got to see some interesting products including some extremely high-end gaming products for the hardcore enthusiasts. as well as a new type of AIO cooler and plenty of BTF related systems.



This gaming PC from Asus had the best looking CPU cooler I’ve seen so far at Computex 2024. It features a bendable LCD display that retracts (see video short above). It also uses a new type of AIO cooler with the tubing at the center of the radiator, which means you’ll get an unobstuctive airflow throughout the system. So cool!


Next, Asus showcased their Mjolnir poortable UPS which has 4 power oulets with 768Wh capacity, and allows you run your high-end gaming PC for up to 1 hour even when there’s a power outage.

They also demoed the ROG THOR 1600W Titanium III power supply with detactable magnetic OLED display. It features GaN MOSFET for superior power efficiency and an uniqueintelligent voltage stabilizer (pink connector).


Nex, they had the ROG Azoth Extreme – a customizable 75% gaming keyboard featuring a full aluminum alloy chassis, carbon fiber positioning plate. Also on display was the ROG HARPE ACE Extreme gaming mouse made with carbon-fibre, and their new ROG Delta II gaming headset.


We also saw their ROG BTF concept case. Which I must admit looks pretty cool. They also applied the BTF ecosystem to their ProArt series of mini PCs too.

There were a couple new AIO coolers on display and a bunch of ProArt monitors for professinal users and content creators, including the word’s first 8K mini-LED display.



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