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LevelPlay – A playful simple and tech-inspired thermal brand debuts at Computex 2024

LevelPlay Inc. is entering the PC market to revolutionize the PC building experience with radical simplicity and tech-inspired fun in mind. The brand encourages the freedom to be creative and playful in building powerful systems that express your style. This passion contributes to building better and more vibrant PCs for novices and enthusiasts.

Leveraging years of experience as an OEM and ODM manufacturer for major retail brands, LevelPlay plans to bring a different perspective to PC thermal management. Come and meet the LevelPlay team during Computex 2024 at MMO Craft Beer Bar in Taipei’s DA’AN District on June 4th and 5th, from 4pm to 10pm.

Combat Series
LevelPlay is launching the Combat Series, which includes all-in-one liquid coolers, air-cooling heatsinks, and fans for the PC DIY mainstream segment. The R&D team is already working relentlessly on the next generation of products to simplify and enhance the installation and user experience of thermal solutions while delivering innovative and powerful cooling performance.


Combat Liquid – CL240 / CL360
The CL240 and CL360 feature a rotatable magnet infinity mirror top cover that proudly showcases the LevelPlay mirror effect logo in ARGB, complemented by addressable RGB fans. The skived fin design uses a direct liquid-cooled micro-channel system for optimized water flow. Despite its compact size, this AIO features an aluminum 240/360mm radiator, ensuring compatibility without sacrificing performance.


Combat Air – CA4
The CA4 CPU heatsink features a symmetrical quad-heat pipe design strategically positioned within the heatsink. The included 120mm ARGB fan seamlessly syncs with compatible motherboards. Additionally, with optional push and pull configuration support, you can enhance cooling performance for the most demanding tasks.

Combat Fan – CF120 ARGB
The CF120 ARGB fan is a perfect blend of performance and aesthetics. Equipped with silent driver IC technology, the CF120 ARGB operates with whisper-quiet efficiency, 6-29 dBA, making it one of the quietest options for high-pressure cooling. Its self-lubricating and dustproof design ensures longevity and smooth operation. Additionally, it has 8 built-in Gen.2 addressable RGB LEDs, providing a mesmerizing light show that complements its high-performance airflow.


About LevelPlay
LevelPlay Inc. is a new global brand that offers thermal management solutions for industrial applications, IT, and consumer electronics. With years of experience as a leading OEM for major brands, Levelplay utilizes its robust in-house manufacturing, R&D, and worldwide sales to revolutionize the industry. If you want to know more about LevelPlay, please visit:


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