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BIOSTAR Attends COMPUTEX Taipei 2024 with Advanced AI PC Solutions

BIOSTAR, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, storage devices, and IPC solutions, is excited to introduce its COMPUTEX Taipei 2024 product highlights. BIOSTAR’s COMPUTEX showcase features all-new AI PCs powered by Intel Arc graphics cards, newest high-end AMD X870E motherboards, graphics cards, storage units, and industrial computing solutions.


Catching the eye of many visitors at the show are BIOSTAR’s latest flagship motherboards, the BIOSTAR X870E VALKYRIE motherboard with AMD AM5 X870E chipset, built to run the latest Ryzen 9000 series processors. For Intel platform, BIOSTAR’s newest VALKYRIE and SILVER motherboards, ideal for gamers, content creators and PC enthusiasts, engineered to deliver superior performance and a next-level user experience.



BIOSTAR also has a whole assortment of new graphics cards on display at 2024 COMPUTEX, including the latest AMD Radeon RX7900XTX graphics card. For the first time BIOSTAR also showcases the RTX 4060TI and 4060 with RGB LED function as well as Gaming X RGB DDR designed to dish out some stylish lighting features.

This year, the standout addition to BIOSTAR’s product lineup is the all-new BIOSTAR AI PCs powered by Intel Arc graphics cards. BIOSTAR has three tailor-made AI PC units on display at COMPUTEX this year, showcasing the wide range of its features and performance capability. The three demo builds feature BIOSTAR Arc A750OC and Arc A380ST graphics cards, superior BIOSTAR B760 motherboards, and edge generative AI solutions.



BIOSTAR Intel AI PCs are equipped with Intel Arc graphics cards designed to meet the needs of business professionals, including IT experts and digital content creators. These PCs provide reliable and robust computing solutions for AI-driven tasks. They are optimized to enhance performance with demanding generative AI software and machine learning tasks for offline AI computing experience.



Visitors can also experience BIOSTAR ERX93-AXP, NXP Arm-based Edge AI solution demonstration for of real-time edge AI-machine learning sectors. Moreover, the MS-1345URE shows 4-screen 4K digital signage solutions, which are ideal for various industrial and business applications.



By delivering robust and efficient computing platforms, BIOSTAR ensures that professionals can seamlessly handle intensive AI applications, effectively meeting the escalating demand for high-performance AI computing across various professional fields.

BIOSTAR invites all attendees to visit its booth and witness the latest AI solutions powered with BIOSTAR and Intel hardware and many more at COMPUTEX Taipei 2024.

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