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MSI Unleashes MPG Trident AS & MPG Trident A Gaming Desktops

Following the release of the MEG Trident X gaming desktop, MSI proudly announced the release of the MPG Trident AS and MPG Trident A gaming desktops. The MPG Trident AS and MPG Trident A are the most fitting gaming desktops for your home. Coming in merely 10 liters in volume, they can easily fit in any corner of your home without taking up too much space like traditional gaming desktops. Maximizing your games while minimizing used up space. Both models are equipped with the 10th Gen. Intel Core i7 processor with B460 chipset platform and up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics cards with the utmost computing power to bring you unparalleled gaming experience.


Definitive Hardware Capabilities
The MPG Trident AS and MPG Trident A collocated all major components to the two sides of the chassis. Users can remove both of the side panels for a quick and simple upgrade of the components.

The MPG Trident AS also comes with interchangeable black side panels and tempered glass panels for our users to decide what is best for themselves. If the tempered glass panel is used, users can easily open it like a door to upgrade the CPU, hard drive, or memories.

The MPG Trident AS and MPG Trident A both come with 2.5 G LAN and the latest Wi-Fi 6 that can provide high internet speed for a smooth experience of online gaming. Both models also have front USB-C ports that can deliver a lightning-fast transfer speed when needed by users.

Illuminate Your Battle Station
Light up your rig and illuminate your gaming environment with MSI’s Mystic Light. MSI’s Mystic Light allows MPG Trident AS and MPG Trident A to be flexible with their lighting effects. Simply select any available colors from the palette and choose your favorite LED lighting effect.

The MPG Trident AS and MPG Trident A are MSI’s latest compact gaming desktops aimed to provide unparalleled performance without the sacrifice of space. Packed in a 10 liters volume case, it has components that are typically found in full tower cases. Designed for practicality, the MPG Trident AS and MPG Trident A showcase stunning RGB lighting and provides easy access to the interior. In essence, the MEG Trident X can only be surpassed by itself.


For more information, visit the product pages of the MPG Trident A and MPG Trident AS.


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