Our Podcast Show Ep.41 – Our Secrets to Podcast Success in 2023

We’ve just posted our latest podcast. This is Our Podcast Show – Our Secrets to Podcast Success in 2023. Go check out the podcast and remember to subscribe: https://bit.ly/3NFvWq8 👈

Want to learn the secrets to creating a long-lasting podcast? On Our Podcast Show this week, we’re celebrating our FIRST ANNIVERSARY and the start of Season 5! One year ago, on this same Wednesday, we published our first show, available exclusively on YouTube. We recently re-watched our first show and still can’t believe how far we’ve come in one short year. It’s time for us to give back, so in this episode, we’re sharing our SECRETS to a long-lasting podcast with you!




  • 00:00 – Stephen and Winston celebrate their 1 Year Anniversary of Our Podcast Show!
  • 01:19 – Thank you to all those who have inspired us.
  • 01:42 – What has our journey been like so far?
  • 02:19 – This episode is dedicated to all our listeners and viewers.
  • 02:47 – How to create a successful podcast?
  • 04:10 – Why is having a rundown or script so important?
  • 05:44 – What’s behind some of the most successful podcasts out there?
  • 07:15 – What are the common mistakes made by podcasters?
  • 08:43 – Use the rundown as powerful tool to share ideas
  • 10:17 – Why is it important to get feedback off each other?
  • 11:13 – Why is it important to make your guest feel comfortable during a podcast?
  • 12:42 – What’s the secret for a lasting podcast show?
  • 15:15 – What are the milestones to look out for when producing a podcast?
  • 16:39 – What free online tools can I use to create a rundown?
  • 18:50 – Are we planning an online course on How to Create a Successful Podcast?
  • 19:28 – What mistakes did Stephen and Winston make during their podcasts?
  • 21:15 – How pre-recorded podcasts can save the day!
  • 22:08 – Why we DO NOT recommend to use Riverside.fm
  • 23:12 – Why is the audio on Squadcast so good?
  • 24:30 – What’s the workaround for recording our podcast shows?
  • 26:14 – Why do we use streaming or podcast platforms?
  • 28:29 – What type of equipment do I need for a podcast?
  • 32:02 – Is the Rodecaster Pro 2 any good?
  • 37:08 – What is Winston using for recording the podcast?
  • 41:08 – It’s a wrap. So having rundown really worked? YES!


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