Cougar 700M EVO eSPORTS Gaming Mouse Review

Conclusion and Verdict

In, conclusion the Cougar 700M EVO eSPORTS is a superb version of the 700M EVO lineup. If you are into white, you are going to love this mouse. The specs are exactly the same as the 700M EVO so we are getting the exact same performance and feel as that mouse. Now for the biggest feature that is different is the texture and material. The white finish is smooth and very glossy. The feel is exactly what I thought it would be. Feels like the material has a slick paint job with a perfectly smooth surface. The 700M EVO has a very slight texture to it. The smooth surface has no impact on gripping the mouse. Some of you may be concerned that the smooth surface would allow the mouse to slip under pressure. That is not the case. The smooth feel is great. And the white is bright and has become a center piece on top my desk!

Now for the color. RGB! Now the RGB isn’t going to light up the room but the ability to customize a few of the components is a start. My only wish, at this time, for this mouse is wireless version! Lets hope that we will one day see this come true! Oh, and maybe a little more RGB!

The Cougar 700M Evo eSPORTS can be found on Amazon for around $89.99 USD.



  • RGB
  • Software Controlled settings
  • Easy to use Software


  • None


Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for a mouse that has some class and great performance, then check out the 700M EVO eSPORTS from Cougar! The smooth white finish is a great addition to 700M EVO lineup!



You can buy the Cougar 700M EVO eSPORTS Gaming Mouse for around USD $80 from Amazon –


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