Alphacool Eisblock XPX Pro Aurora CPU Waterblock – Full Brass Chrome Digital RGB Review

Earlier this year, we reviewed the XPX Aurora Edge RGB, which performed great in our tests. This time we will test a larger, Pro version of the Eisblock XPX Aurora. This CPU waterblock is the new version from Alphacool, and comes with a top made of brass and covered with chrome for exceptional aesthetics. It’s also a new  series of CPU water blocks designed for all those users who wish for fantastic looks without too much RGB illumination.

Our review will tell you what you can expect from the latest Alphacool CPU cooler. Let’s start with some technical data and product features.


With the Alphacool XPX Aurora Pro Eisblock, Alphacool offers a CPU water cooler specially designed for processors with particularly large processor cores. These currently include the AMD Threadripper models and processors from Intel for the LGA 2066 socket and the LGA 3647 server socket in narrow ILM design. As a CPU cooler from the Aurora Design line, the CPU cooler naturally offers integrated digital aRGB lighting.

Extremely powerful
The cooler base has been specially optimized for the large processor cores. With an area of 42 x 58.6 mm and 147 cooling fins the cooling area has been significantly increased. As a comparison, an Alphacool XPX Aurora Eisblock has 81 cooling fins to completely cover the processor core of a normal CPU. Both coolers use the same fin type with a thickness of only 0.2 mm. This clearly shows how far Alphacool has gone to offer the best possible performance. The entire cooler base is of course made of nickel-plated copper and not aluminium. This is due to the increased thermal conductivity of copper. It is almost twice as high as that of aluminium.

Behind the Alpahcool logo, 2 digitally addressable 5V RGB LEDs are installed, which create a unique, very noble-looking illumination. The digital aRGB LED lighting is connected via a JST 3-pin connector. To control the digital RGB lighting, the enclosed adapter must be connected to the 3-pin female connector and connected to a digital RGB controller or a digital RGB-capable mainboard. Additional digital RGB LEDs can be connected to the remaining 3-pin male connector.

Discreet appearance
The matt finish gives the cooler, which is made entirely of brass (except for the cooler bottom), a noble look. This makes it interesting for users who prefer a discreet appearance and want to do without a complex aRGB illumination.

Thermal grease
The thermal paste included in the delivery is Alphacool’s Subzero with a thermal conductivity of 16 W/mk. The electrically non-conductive thermal grease is particularly suitable for high contact pressures, but can still be processed perfectly due to its viscosity of 850000 TF.


You can buy the Alphacool XPX Pro Aurora Full Brass Chrome Digital RGB cooler for around €129.98, directly from Alphacool Store.


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