X2 RINDJA ATX Chassis Review

X2 is releasing many new products recently. One of them is RINDJA ATX chassis which is designed for gamers. PC chassis market is huge. Each year we can see more new brands which are releasing a lot of gaming products but with so many options it’s hard to pick the best product for your needs.

Many new PC cases have additional features and offer support for water cooling. X2 RINDJA was designed with gamers on mind so also includes additional features which will be described in this review. Check our review to find out more about X2 RINDJA PC chassis.

An accompaniment for all the computer gamers, X2 proudly presents the astounding RINDJA. The all new RINDJA 8020 full-tower pc enclosure is built for the sophisticated computer gamer that demands style and high performane. Not only is the design well thought out, the features are also something to look up to.

Build out of strong SPCC 0,55mm steel with more than ample room for up to 3 SSD drives, 7 expansion slots for the installation of long graphics cards ( 370mm length VGA card ) and superior cooling through divided PSU compartiment and the support of 9 x 120mm fan mount locations throughout this chassis. The RINDJA 8020 offers easy upkeep shortcuts like tool-free removal of front panel and window side panels, hard drives, and graphics cards as well as plenty of room for cable routing and management. The new X2 RINDJA case is looking superb and is ready to be challenged your gaming power and skills.




Specifications and Features


Package and its Contents

X2 RINDJA has arrived in a retail package which is brownish box. Pretty typical package for a PC chassis. All was in an additional box and was well protected.

Except the case which you will see on the next page of this review, inside we can find a package with installation parts and a short manual. Not much but enough to install all components.

Closer Look

Reviewed version of X2 RINDJA is whole black. There is also red version which was released a bit later and it wasn’t available when we received black version.

On the front and top of the case is mesh which let cold air get inside. On the front we can find X2 logo which is painted and I think it wasn’t the best idea. Most manufacturers are using stickers which look much better.

On the front there are also two USB 3.0 ports and audio 3.5″ jacks.

Left side of the case has nice looking window which is just the right size to see everything what is interesting inside the case. Inside we can install all ATX size and smaller motherboards. It will also support a bit larger motherboards than ATX but it’s not guaranteed by manufacturer.

What I really like is PSU bay. We can install any ATX PSU, even these longest units. Most cables will be hidden and won’t need any special managing. Also if PSU doesn’t match your other components color or style then you simply won’t see it.

Since it’s hard to make good photo of the fans then here is one from manufacturer’s website which is showing how many LEDs fans have. You can count on really bright light. Fans are also pretty quiet but I wouldn’t count on high air pressure. They’re designed clearly to help in airflow in the case.

Drives can be installed vertically what is good idea as it saves space and helps in airflow. There is no optical drive bay but nowadays barely anyone is using optical drives for something else than reinstalling operating system or installing drivers in new PC.

What I like is that all front panel cables are black. Many brands are still saving on that and we get standard multi-color cables which don’t fit to anything. Here all these cables maybe don’t have additional sleeving but are whole black and not separated so look good enough.

On the back if the case we can install 120mm fan which is actually preinstalled. Except that there is nothing unusual and back is reminding me rather cheap cases from lower series.

Even though X2 RINDJA is a gaming case, it’s pretty simple. We won’t get any special features. Also materials used for this case are rather standard. You can just feel the plastic and thin steel sides. Even weight can tell you something about it. In the specs we can see 4.6 kg while competitive gaming cases weight is starting from about 7 kg.


Conclusion and Verdict

I’m not sure if it’s me or really X2 RINDJA is missing too much to be called good case for enthusiasts and games. At first look all seems fine but manufacturer saved on too many things. We have window which actually looks great as it’s clear and has good size ( can see everything inside what you wish to ). We have enough space for AIO water cooling or larger air cooling.

Inside can be installed most motherboards available on the market including these larger than ATX format. Fans look great during work. Drives like HDD or SSD can be installed vertically without additional bays what saves space and improves airflow. All these ideas are good but somehow everything feels cheap. In the specification we can read that used steel is 0.55mm thick. It’s not enough for gaming/enthusiast series.

The main thing which is saving X2 RINDJA is price. MSRP is $69.95 what with 3 fans included seems quite good price. I guess that less demanding users will find it interesting. Probably also modders could be interested as design of RINDJA has some potential. Case overall isn’t big but inside can fit quite powerful gaming computer.





X2 RINDIA is not the best designed case but has couple of interesting features. Considering it’s inexpensive then can be good option for less demanding gamers who also wish to use stronger cooling as you can install water cooling.