LTX 2023 Expo – Event Coverage

This is our first time at LTX 2023 Expo in Vancouver, and I have to say it was better than I expected, with tons of games for visitors, showcase exhibits, vendor booths and a decent size LAN gaming area.

There were loads of passionate gamers, and the whole community felt really welcoming. We met up with some freinds and some familiar faces 😀


Fun and Games


Exhibits and Workshops


Hyte @ LTX 2023


Framework Laptop


Yuel Beast Designs @ LTX 2023


EK @ LTX 2023


Starforge Systems


Asus @ LTX 2023


V1Tech @ LTX 2023


Retro Consoles @ LTX 2023


Zero Latency VR @ LTX 2023


Until next year … see y’all soon 😀


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