Our Podcast Show Ep.84 -No Love For 2024 Apple MacBook Air M3 (Why?)

We’ve just posted our latest podcast. This is Our Podcast Show Ep.84 -No Love For 2024 Apple MacBook Air M3 (Why?)  Go check out the podcast and remember to subscribe: https://bit.ly/3NFvWq8 👈

On Our Podcast Show this week, we discuss a new MacBook Air. With only a whisper out of Cupertino, Apple still calls its latest refresh the “world’s best consumer laptop.” With an M3 chip and new storage and memory options, how many “X” times faster will it be than its predecessors? And is it worth it?




  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 01:17 – What’s new in the 2024 MacBook Air 13-inch M3?
  • 01:44 – What are the issues with the original MacBook Air M1?
  • 03:43 – Will Apple’s M3 chip work better for the Macbook Air?
  • 04:49 – What are the specs of the MacBook Air M3?
  • 08:09 – What if there isn’t enough storage on your Macbook Air M3?
  • 09:18 – What type of screen does the Macbook Air M3 use?
  • 10:00 -What connectors does the Macbook Air M3 have?
  • 10:30 – How many monitors does the Macbook Air M3 support?
  • 11:19 – What type of webcam does the Macbook Air M3 use?
  • 12:05 – Does the Macbook Air M3 use WiFi 6E?
  • 12:24 – How long does the battery last on the new Macbook Air M3?
  • 13:42 – How much does the Macbook Air M3 weigh?
  • 14:05 – What’s the price of the Macbook Air M3?
  • 16:52 – What’s the performance like on the Macbook Air M3?
  • 21:06 – Can you play games on the Macbook Air M3?
  • 24:19 – What will Apple’s WWDC 2024 be all about this year?
  • 24:42 – Are people liking Apple Vision Pro?
  • 27:28 – Why aren’t developers liking the APP Store?
  • 31:11 – Will Apple finally have AI?
  • 32:39 – When will Apple’s Siri have AI?
  • 33:29 – What can we expect from Apple at WWDC 2024?
  • 35:04 – Does Macbook Air use Aluminium or Aluminum?
  • 36:21 – What’s is our verdict between Samsung Galaxy S24 vs iPhone 15
  • 39:15 – What’s our verdict on the new Apple Macbook Air M3?
  • 40:20 – Can I still get older Apple products?

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