Our Podcast Show Ep.16 – We talk to Jacob from EVGA

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EVGA is a US-based computer hardware company passionate about its community. The company produces NVIDIA graphics cards (GPUs), motherboards, and gaming accessories. For many, the face of EVGA has been industry veteran Jacob Freeman.

Jacob and his team drive community engagement and take a lot of what they are told by their fans to heart. One of the things they did that helped their community the most was their GPU purchase queueing system. This helped their fans get graphics cards for gaming and content creation without dealing with scalpers and price gouging.

Stephen and Winston have an amazing opportunity to talk to Jacob about his work at EVGA and how it translates to new products down the road.




  • 00:00 – Intro – Winston’s impressed with his nephew’s streaming setup!
  • 01:04 – Who is Jacob Freeman? And what does EVGA sell?
  • 02:32 – What makes EVGA different from all the other graphics card manufacturers?
  • 04:37 – What is EVGA iCX3 cooling system?
  • 07:08 – What is the EVGA KingPin series of graphics cards?
  • 09:30 – What makes the KingPin card so unique?
  • 12:29 – Are EVGA graphic cards thoroughly tested before they’re shipped?
  • 13:59 – What does EVGA Precision X1 software do for the graphics card?
  • 15:19 – Can you overclock the graphics card with the EVGA Precision X1 software?
  • 16:57 – What is Nvidia’s GPU boost?
  • 20:00 – RGB fans will love this! Haha!
  • 21:54 – What other features will EVGA implement soon?
  • 23:32 – Why did EVGA implement the “Queue” system to eliminate scalpers?
  • 28:22 – What type of motherboards does EVGA make?
  • 29:52 – What is EVGA’s flagship motherboard?
  • 34:29 – What made EVGA produce an AMD chipset motherboard?
  • 36:38 – What’s Jacob’s preference? What does he use for streaming?
  • 37:50 – What type of gaming accessories does EVGA make?
  • 39:14 – Does EVGA make video capture devices?
  • 42:08 – Jacob’s advice on getting the best picture/video quality for your streaming
  • 45:05 – Did you know EVGA makes laptops?
  • 48:57 – Jacob doesn’t want to spill the beans on Nvidia’s next RTX series of GPUs
  • 49:59 – What made Jacob go into the computer gaming industry?
  • 50:52 – What is Jacob’s live stream all about?
  • 52:13 – Where can you find the EVGA booth, and at which exhibitions?
  • 53:22 – Who are EVGA’s most significant competitors?
  • 56:15 – Will EVGA look into the “modular” space?
  • 57:35 – Will EVGA produce more products for Gamers and Content Creators?
  • 01:02:27 – Where can we find Jacob on social media?
  • 01:03:02 – And here’s Stephen and Winston’s socials


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