Superstrata Ion Custom Carbon Fiber e-Bike

Even bikes are now electric … the Superstrata Ion will set you back a cool USD $3,999.

Taken from Engadget … The little-known manufacturer in California is launching a new bike brand today called Superstrata. Unlike most of its competition, which builds carbon fibre frames with multiple parts or pieces, the company has developed “a true unibody construction” that has no visible seams or welding marks. “This piece comes out as a single piece from our machines,” Sonny Vu, CEO of Arevo and the former CEO of wearables maker Misfit told Engadget. “So there’s no glue, no joins, no bolts, no laser welds, none of that stuff. If anything, things are shaved off in the post-processing [phase].”

Superstrata frames won’t be a single piece, though. The team is planning to print the main portion of the frame — which doesn’t have a traditional seat tube, creating an open diamond shape — and front forks separately. Still, it’s an impressive design feat that is catch the attention of other cyclists and road users.



The company will use additive manufacturing to build two similarly-shaped bicycles: a standard $2,799 ‘Terra’ model, and an electrified $3,999 ‘Ion’ version. That might sound expensive, however a carbon road bike can cost anywhere between $1,250 and $12,500. (And even higher, if you want something truly rare.) A top-end Riese & Müller e-bike, meanwhile, can set you back almost $9,000. Superstrata isn’t making a bike for the masses, but the company isn’t operating in the upper echelons of bespoke bicycle building, either.

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