MSI is Readying X570 Gaming Plus and Pro Carbon

We all know AMD will make their big announcement at Computex with the up-coming launch of their Ryzen 3000 series (7nm) processors. So with that news, MSI is already planning to launch their X570 chipset based motherboards in tandem.

As you aware last year MSI introduced MAG, MPG and MEG series of motherboards. The MPG represents the middle-tier in terms of the design and features. The MAG series (Tomahawk, Mortar) is for budget-oriented PC builds, while the MAG series is for enthusiasts (Ace Godlike). We cannot confirm if the latter is coming to X570 platform just yet.

What we can confirm is that MSI is launching X570 Gaming Plus and X570 Gaming Pro Carbon. Both featuring an onboard fan and dual PCIe x16 slots (presumably 4.0). We will provide the full specs as they become available. For now, check the pictures.

Source: Videocardz


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