Samsung DeX Review by Engadget – Phone Powered PC

If you already own a Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, then Samsung’s DeX dock is a fascinating proposition. For $150, you could cobble together a system that actsan awful lot like a PC.The interface is familiar and overall performance is prettyimpressive — a testament to the power locked away inside Samsung’s flagships.The experience isn’t without its problems, though. There’s a limited number of apps optimized for DeX andothers don’t always work properly on the big screen. Gathering up all the requisite parts could get pricey, too if you don’t already have a spare keyboard, mouse and monitor lying around. Ultimately, DeX blurs the line between smartphone and PC better than any other attempt we’ve seen — we’re just not convinced many people will find it genuinely useful.



  • Turns the S8 into a surprisingly decent PC
  • Familiar desktop interface
  • Dead-simple setup


  • No headphone jack
  • Not all apps work correctly in DeX
  • Required components could cost extra

Source: Engadget




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