Kingston HyperX Impact 16GB DDR4-2400 SODIMM Memory Review

Today we will present a bit different memory kit than we are usually have a chance to test. It will be the latest memory designed for high performance laptops – HyperX Impact. Reviewed memory kit contains two 8GB modules prepared to work in dual channel mode what is optimal for most new computers, especially if we expect high performance in daily work.


HyperX Impact 16GB pht10


HyperX Impact 16GB pht8

 HyperX Impact

Impact your game with HyperX® Impact DDR4 SODIMM. XMP-ready in capacities up to 64GB HyperX Impact DDR4 automatically overclocks to the highest frequency published, up to 2400MHz, without the need to adjust system BIOS settings, to support platforms that use Intel’s latest CPU technologies. Run cool, quiet and efficiently with instant top-level performance and lower voltage. HyperX Impact DDR4 has a slim form factor and features a sleek black design with matching PCB.

HyperX Impact 16GB pht4

Look how nice these memory modules look like. In laptop you won’t be able to see them often but it simply proves that Kingston cares to deliver high end products regardless for what platform they’re designed.




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  • Stephen

    I was thinking about getting these but all your benchmarks are lower than my stock 16GB SK Hynix DDR4-2133 @15-15-15 so either the Impact or your laptop sucks. I have a MSI GE62 w/6700HQ.

  • Overclocker

    You are reviewing 2400MHz but benching them at 2133mhz because you don’t have a proper test machine…useless! They are slower than stock and you recommend them? Kingston paying you by chance?

    • I’m guessing the the laptop the reviewer owns does not have the BIOS option on the laptop to run the ram at DDR4-2400.