4 Easy Ways to Locate Your Lost Phone

Today, technology has advanced so much that an earlier man would think its magic. However, it’s the nature of our reality that phones have become one of the most important devices in our lives and existentially, they have become a part of us. These days, it’s a necessity for a child to have a phone. Although phones are basically for communication, their power can be abused, but they can also be very useful in tracking someone.

Here are a few popular functions of tracking apps currently available;

  • Track location
  • Spy on calls
  • Track SMS
  • View gallery
  • Monitor social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram



Find my iPhone

This is one of the more inbuilt features that every Apple product comes with. Using the Find My iPhone feature in an iPhone or iPad, you can quickly locate a phone or tablet. However, just like the apps mentioned above, it doesn’t work by default. It needs to be configured first so that it can function as it’s supposed to. Since you have probably bought the child the phone, it will likely be linked to your iCloud account. From there you can look at imessages, camera roll, and also access location history.

Although the process is a bit complicated, everyone can activate this feature. The Find My iPhone feature is exclusively patented top the apple devices. If you want to find out about the Android side, visit https://bestcellphonetrackerapps.com/track-lost-phone-with-google-tracking-tools/



If you’re looking for a comprehensive GPS tracking app for both Android and iPhone, this is one of them. With this app, you can tell the real-time location of your target device and also everywhere it has been. This makes it easy to trace the steps of a child if they get lost.

Furthermore, it can also be used as a tool to block apps you wouldn’t want on your child’s phone and also filter web traffic so that the child cannot go to websites with mature content. Since kids love their devices more and more every day, you can also use the app to set screen time for various devices so that the child doesn’t use the device past a certain time.


Glympse GPS 

This is yet another fabulous app for tracking cell phone movement on both iPhone and Android. With this app, you will download the app and let it lay dormant in the app until you need to use it. When you need to know the target location, all you need to do is send a location sharing request, and then you can follow the device in real time. If you are looking for a stealthy app, this is one of them. Using special settings, you can enable the app to avoid uninstallation and run in the background without alerting the user.



If you’re looking for an excellent app to monitor the phone activity of your loved ones such as a child or an unfaithful spouse, this is one. This app has been designed to run in stealth mode by default so that it can actively monitor the calls, SMS messages and various social networks such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

With news of sick people targeting vulnerable kids online, you can be sure that your kids are safe and not speaking to strangers. Since you may also not want to keep calling your child or spouse whenever you need to know their location, this app will provide their location in real time with ease.


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