Nikon Unveils their 45.7-Megapixel Z9 Mirrorless Camera

with 8K video and 20 fps burst speeds

A nice camera with plenty of amazing features … but it will cost you a eye-watering USD $5,500 for the body only! :O

Taken from Engadget … Nikon has officially unveiled its new flagship mirrorless camera, the $5,500, 45.7-megapixel Z9 with 8K 30p video and up to 20 fps RAW burst shooting speeds. It’s Nikon’s first camera to use a stacked sensor with built in memory that allows for very fast readout speeds. In fact, Nikon is so confident in the electronic shutter that it has abandoned the mechanical shutter entirely, so the Z9 is the first high-end professional camera without one.

With that high-speed sensor (which has the same megapixel count as the Z7 II), the Z9 allows a flash sync of up to 1/200th of a second, which looks like the fastest sync speed ever for an electronic shutter. That should also make it very resistant to rolling shutter, which is crucial if the camera is to be used for sports or action photography. 

The faster sensor allows JPEG burst shooting at up to 30 fps, or RAW photos at 20 fps. If you’re willing to drop down to 11 megapixels, you can shoot photos at an astounding 120 fps. As with other stacked sensor cameras, the Nikon Z has much improved buffering, letting you capture up to 1,000 frames at once with either JPEG or the new HE (high efficiency) RAW compression algorithms. 

With the Z9, Nikon has taken some of the best aspects of Canon’s EOS R3 and the Sony A1 and married them into a single, large body. It falls a bit short of those models in terms of shooting speed, and the electronic viewfinder isn’t too impressive on paper. However, Nikon seems to have vaulted ahead of both Sony and Canon in terms of video specs, particularly when the firmware update arrives — though we’ll have to wait and see if video autofocus is up to snuff. The Nikon Z9 will arrive by the end of the year in the US at $5,500 for the body only. 

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