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Sharkoon Announces S25 Case Series

September 28, 2016 0

Sharkoon expands their ATX Midi Tower lineup and introduces a minimalistic case series: The all-black S25 series is available in the traditional Window, Value and Standard versions, each offering various different features. The new cases

PC & Computers

CORSAIR Launches DOMINATOR PLATINUM Special Edition DDR4 Memory

September 28, 2016 0

CORSAIR, a world leader in enthusiast memory, PC components and high-performance gaming hardware today announced the immediate availability of its new DOMINATOR PLATINUM Special Edition DDR4 memory. Adding a new level of refinement and distinction

PC & Computers

Gigabyte’s First AMD AM4 Motherboard Pictured

September 28, 2016 0

AMD’s upcoming Zen architecture requires the company’s new AM4 socket to access a number of benefits including M.2 connectivity, PCI-E gen 3, DDR4 memory and much more. Thankfully, AMD is finally updating their processor product


Mod-My-Box™ 2016

Dark Side Machine – by Tankian

Mod-My-Box 2016
July 6, 2016 0

  Overview Hello everyone the project code-named “Dark Side Machine” is finished, and I’m really happy with the result. It’s true that the project could have been finished sometime ago, but sometimes stuff don’t go

Ancient Corsair – by BaluC

Mod-My-Box 2016
July 25, 2016 0

  Overview: Ancient Corsair – by BaluC. An Intel Core i7 5960X based system on a MSI X99A GAMING Pro CARBON motherboard, featuring a MSI GTX 960 OC graphics card, housed in a Corsair Obsidian

Project TRON – by Josh King

Mod-My-Box 2016
August 12, 2016 0

  Overview Project TRON by Josh King. An Intel Core i7 based system on an Asus Z97 PRO GAMER ATX motherboard, featuring an Asus GeForce GTX 960 graphics card, in a Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX

Project ADHARA – by Paulo Reis

Mod-My-Box 2016
July 5, 2016 3

  Overview Project ADHARA stems from a fascination for space, Adhara is the name of a blue star of one of the many constellations visible to the naked eye. The Idea is to create a

Project Spartan Revo – by Jason Pierce

Mod-My-Box 2016
August 4, 2016 0

  Overview Project Spartan Revo by Jason Pierce. An Intel Core i7 based system on a Gigabyte P67A-UD7-B3 motherboard, featuring a Gigabyte 770 graphics card, in a Thermaltake Armor Revo chassis with a Cooler Master V8

Gadgets & Toys

DJI Launches Mavic Pro Foldable Drone

Gadgets & Toys
September 27, 2016 0
Merely a week after GoPro launched its first drone which is called Karma and happens to be foldable, DJI today introduced a new foldable drone called ...


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