NETGEAR Orbi RBK863S Tri-Band WiFi 6 Mesh System Review

NETGEAR recently added multiple mesh systems to its offering, and some are so interesting that we had to test at least one of them. In this review, we will focus on the Orbi RBK863S, a product that should give you an idea of how some of the Orbi mesh systems work, because there are some options with more or fewer satellites but not much difference in functionality.

The RBK863S is designed to cover a large house with a WiFi signal, but there are specific houses with thick walls that cause problems with the signal in a smaller space. Our tests will cover one of that scenarios. Stay with us to find out more about the Orbi RBK863S.



High-Performance, Whole-Home WiFi

Upgrade to blazing-fast 6Gbps and WiFi 6 on up to 100 devices simultaneously across more space: 8 rooms or up to 8,000 sq. ft. Protected by award winning NETGEAR security services, the RBK863S includes a dedicated backhaul for instant router-satellite communication and 12 Gigabit ports to give your most demanding tech products their own wired connection. This system includes NETGEAR Armor™, advanced cyber security for your connected devices.

Never sacrifice speed

NETGEAR-invented Tri-band technology with a Dedicated Backhaul “express lane” for WiFi to travel directly between a router and satellites means you get maximum, unimpeded whole-home WiFi speed that stays fast even with 100 devices connected at the same time.


Bigger means better coverage

Orbi’s tall, elegant shape is no coincidence. Under the hood, our patented antenna design ensures superior WiFi across the whole home. The Orbi 860 Series’ all-new antenna upgrades deliver a stunning 20% boost in performance and coverage from the previous generation.


Connect more devices than ever

Orbi WiFi 6 mesh systems are supercharged for today’s data-intensive devices and smart homes. Connect everything from PCs, phones, and TVs to security cameras, door locks, and more. Only Orbi can deliver so much device capacity with maximum speed.


Easy setup and management

The Orbi app makes it easy to install your Orbi and get it up and running in less than 15 minutes. Easily manage your home network even when you are not at home. Orbi is compatible with any internet service provider’s equipment.


Secure your network with NETGEAR ArmorTM

You wouldn’t leave your doors unlocked at night. Protect your family’s WiFi with the same level of security with an automatic shield for your connected devices. Get real-time protection against hackers to secure devices like laptops, phones, security cameras, & door locks, and get alerts when sensitive data may be stolen. Enjoy added privacy protection with VPN for secure network access. 1-year subscription included.


Protect your investment with NETGEAR ProSupport

Get total peace of mind that your Orbi is protected for the long run. With NETGEAR ProSupport, you are a VIP. Enjoy 24/7 priority access to tech support from NETGEAR experts, plus accidental damage coverage, and express replacement in the event of an issue.

You can buy the NETGEAR Orbi RBK863S Tri-Band WiFi 6 Mesh System for around USD $1099 from Amazon –


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