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V-Color 32GB DDR5-5600 SODIMM Memory Kit Review

DDR5 memory is getting more and more popular in the laptop market, even though DDR4 still dominates the budget series. Many brands were late to the party, releasing their SODIMM DDR5 memory kits a couple of months after their annoucement. One of the reasons for the low demand for DDR5 in laptops, is that it takes more time to design and release new mobile computers than your regular desktop components.

In V-Color’s case… you could say that it’s never really too late. And so now they’ve released their DDR5 SODIMMs, which are focused on above-standard frequencies to deliver something more for the demanding users and enthusiast gamers. This is why in today’s review we present you V-Color’s entry-level, yet already top-speed RAM that’s compatible with JEDEC standards for laptop models.

Let’s begin with a list of features and technical information about the new memory series.


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