The Funky Kit Show LIVE Special – Gigabyte Showcase

Join us on Friday 26th July @ 12pm PDT / 3pm EST / 8pm UK / 9pm Europe. We will be hosting a special LIVE stream event with Gigabyte 🙂👍 You’re welcome to ask questions.

The LIVE stream will be broadcast on Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Twitch. For LIVE prize giveaways, please participate on Twitch only.

.Agenda/Topics for 26th July 2024:
Go to for LIVE prize giveaways

1. News and Update on Funky Kit
2. Gigabyte Introduction
3. Gigabyte Product Showcase 1
4. Mods of the Week

* Break *

5. Gigabyte Product Showcase 2
6. Prize Giveaway Announcements !!
7. Gigabyte Upcoming Launches
8. LIVE Prize Giveaways!
9. Wrap-up / Closing comments


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